Keys Of The Kingdom: Follow-Ship

Ps Shane Baxter
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In this new series from Ps Shane Baxter, Keys Of The Kingdom, he encourages us about the importance of ‘Follow-ship’. It suggests that following leaders and authorities is a significant key to unlocking our destiny, just like how Peter followed Jesus when he was called.

Three key takeaways are:

  1. Follow-ship Needs to Be Immediate: When God gives you a clear direction, you should act on it without hesitation. Just like how Peter left his nets right away to follow Jesus, sometimes you have to make a quick decision to follow your calling.
  2. Follow-ship Can Be Irrational: Following God might sometimes seem illogical or unreasonable and can require you to take an unconventional path.
  3. Follow-ship Requires Intentionality: Following isn’t a passive process; it requires commitment and dedication. Being intentional in your ‘Follow-ship’ journey can lead to a multiplication of blessings and fulfillment of your destiny.

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