Privacy Policy

Revision 1.3, October 1, 2015


1. About This Policy

1.1. Definition of specific terms

“Enjoy Church” means Enjoy Church Inc.

The terms “we”, “us” or “our” refer to Enjoy Church.

“Privacy information” includes personal and sensitive information.

1.2. Purpose of this policy

Enjoy Church is subject to the Privacy Act 1988. This Privacy Policy explains how our organization protects the privacy of information in compliance with the APP outlining how we collect, store, use and disclose and personal information provided to us or collected from other sources.

This Privacy Policy informs people how they can access their private information, correct private information held by us and to lodge a complaint


2. Introduction

Enjoy Church is committed to its core values of relationship and integrityIt recognises that protecting the privacy of its Members and Attendees is a key part in living out those core values. This Privacy Policy has been prepared to ensure that we uphold the trust people place in us when they provide us with their personal information. This Privacy Policy acknowledges and is in compliance with the thirteen Australian Privacy Principles that underpin the Privacy Amendment (Enhancing Privacy Protection) Act 2012, which amends the Privacy Act 1988.

This Policy will be made available to any person requesting a copy. A version of this policy will be made available on the Enjoy Church website


3. Personal Information Collection

When Enjoy Church collects and holds personal information, it will ensure that it is done lawfully and in a fair manner. Enjoy Church will only collect information that is necessary for conducting its activities. Information that is collected may be collected directly or indirectly from you or a third party. The means of collection may be formal or informal. These means may include:

  1. Ministry forms which include but are not limited to: Care and Communication forms, Welcome forms, Activation forms, ministry application forms etc.;
  2. Electronically including through our website, Online forms;
  3. Voice and/or Image recordings;
  4. During phone calls;
  5. Through email and personal contact;
  6. Face to face contact/meetings;
  7. Via social media messages and conversations; and
  8. Other correspondence including event/conference expression of interest and registration.

Enjoy Church collects and holds personal information to provide care to an individual, to manage relationships with individuals and to provide information on Church events and ministries. Personal information details are necessary to interact with an individual and/or provide ministry outcomes.

The types of personal information that we collect may include:

  1. Contact details (Name, physical address, telephone numbers, email, postal details);
  2. Education qualifications;
  3. Date of Birth;
  4. Nationality;
  5. Credit Card and/or bank account details;
  6. Communication and complaint details.

We will also from time to time, when necessary collect sensitive personal information including:

  1. Health information (including access and medical information);
  2. Professional and practice information;
  3. Religious information (attendance, denominational information); and
  4. Criminal record (WWCC, Police Check).


4. Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal Information will only be used for the purpose it was collected and for related purposes that the person would reasonably expect it to be used.

We will only use personal information to:

  1. Establish and maintain an individual’s involvement with the Church, including providing information regarding Church events and activities;
  2. Provide products or services the individual has requested form the Church;
  3. Answer inquiries; and
  4. Register individuals for events or promotions.

We will only disclose personal information to:

  1. Third parties only where it will assist Enjoy Church in its operations, such as event coordinators, department leaders, friendship group leaders;
  2. If we are required by law to disclose information; and
  3. For any other reasonable purpose as allowed or required by the Act.

Enjoy Church does not rent, sell or exchange personal information. We may disclose personal information to third parties when we are legally required to do so, for example government departments.

We may from time to time share de-identified information to third parties for statistical and research reasons. Any information we share in this manner will be non-personal, non-sensitive and de-identified.


5. Disclosure of Personal Information Overseas

Enjoy Church has an ongoing commitment to ensuring that personal information is collected and stored in line with relevant legislation. Occasionally we may use overseas facilities or contractors to process, back-up or provide services. In doing this we may need to transfer or store data, which may include personal information, overseas. Countries may include Germany, Ireland, Malaysia, USA, Singapore, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, UK and Netherlands. We will not transfer or store data overseas which may include personal information unless Enjoy Church have determined that it is critical to the functioning of our operations.


6. Direct Marketing

Enjoy Church may use your personal information to update you on upcoming events within the church, conferences and updates from our senior leadership team. All of our direct marketing communications contain a facility where you can opt out of receiving any further information specific to the list that has been subscribed to.
You may also at any time request not to receive direct marketing from us. We will comply with any request as soon as reasonably possible.


7. Online Privacy

Enjoy Church is committed to privacy on its internet sites. Enjoy Church operate a website at which is publicly available. Enjoy Church collects personal information on its internet site when individuals request a service (eg. online registration to a Church event). The information collected is limited to what is needed to provide the requested service. When the Enjoy Church web site is browsed, the internet site host may make a record of the visit and log information for statistical purposes. This may include:

  1. Server address;
  2. Top level domain name (for example .com, .gov, .au, .uk etc.);
  3. Date and time of visit to the site;
  4. Pages accessed and documents downloaded;
  5. Previous site that visited and/or the Search engine keyword used to find our site;
  6. Type of browser and operating system being used; and
  7. Amount of data in bytes that was downloaded from the site.

No attempt is made to identify users or their browsing activities apart from in the event of an authorised investigation or where a law enforcement agency may inspect logs. Social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter may be established for Enjoy Church. The Church will not divulge personal information of people on these pages. Individuals should be aware that the Church has limited ability to control any information posted on these pages. Anyone posting information on these pages should familiarise themselves with the Privacy Policy of the respective social media sites.


8. Management of Information

Enjoy Church will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information collected from individuals is complete, up-to-date and accurate at the time of collection. If we believe that the information we hold is incomplete, inaccurate or out of date, we will take steps to correct the information.

Attendees will be provided with regular opportunities to update their details. Enjoy Church provides members or attendees to register online and maintain their personal information subject to successful validation. We will take all reasonable steps to protect the information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access or disclosure.


9. Pastoral Care

Enjoy Church may engage in personal and private discussions in the course of providing pastoral care. Information of a sensitive nature may be collected during these pastoral care sessions. Personal information collected from individuals before and during pastoral care sessions is kept confidential and secure at all times.

Sensitive information stored electronically will be appropriately secured to ensure only authorised persons have access. When paper files are being used, they will be appropriately labelled and stored in locked filing cabinets.

On occasion, the personal information collected in the course of providing pastoral care must be shared with third parties. Personal information will be shared when:

  1. there is danger of harm being caused to the client or others;
  2. when Enjoy Church is required by law to disclose information; or
  3. where there are matters of a serious behavioral nature which require the attention of senior leadership within the church.


10. Anonymity

Where practicable and lawful, Enjoy Church will endeavour to provide individuals with the option of interacting anonymously. We will try to accommodate a request for anonymity wherever possible; however, given the activities in which Enjoy Church is engaged in, this may not always be a practicable option.


11. Access to Information

We will provide people with reasonable access to their personal information collected by Enjoy Church in the course of its dealings with the person. When requesting access, we will ask individuals to provide some form of identification so that we can ensure that they are the person to whom the information relates.

However, in certain circumstances we may deny access to this information to the extent that:

  1. providing access would pose a serious and imminent threat to the life or health of any individual;
  2. providing access would have an unreasonable impact upon the privacy of other individuals; or
  3. any other reason as consistent with the Act.

In such a situation we will explain in writing to the person the reason for denying such access.


12. Register of Members

The Public Officer shall keep and maintain a Register of Members, in which shall be entered the full name and address and date of acceptance of the name of each member. The Incorporated Associations Act requires that the register shall be available for inspection free of charge by members upon request at the address of the Church. A member may make a copy of the entries in the register.


13. Policy Updates

From time to time, Enjoy Church will review this policy and may revise it. The date of last revision is displayed under the heading revision history at the beginning of this document.


14. Complaints

If you are concerned with how we have collected, used, disclosed or managed your personal information we recommend that you follow the below procedure:

  1. Complaint to be lodged with Privacy Officer (see Questions and contact below for details)
  2. Privacy Officer will acknowledge your complaint and contact you for any further information (if necessary)
  3. Privacy Officer will contact you within a reasonable period advising you of the outcome and any actions that need to be taken
  4. If you are not satisfied with re response you received you may refer your complaint to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) at


15. Questions and Contact

Enjoy Church has a Privacy Officer who can be contacted if further information is required about how the church manages the personal information it holds OR if access is required to your personal information held by Enjoy Church.

Contact details for the Privacy Officer are as follows:

Method Details
Phone +61 3 9240 6000
Postal Mail Privacy Officer Enjoy Church
41 Lance Road
Sunshine North, Victoria 3020