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My Calling – Alphacrucis College

Enjoy Church is launching a bible college through Alphacrucis College in 2022. Offering a fully accredited Certificate IV in Ministry with solid biblical and theological foundations, this will complement the leadership development pathways at Enjoy Church.

The 2-year course includes two units requiring practical ministry experience allowing students to serve and reflect on ministry areas within Enjoy Church.

Alphacrucis College commences at the end of January 2022.

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Course Subjects:

• Christian Disciplines

• Christian Leadership

• Christian Worldview (Theology)

• Introduction to the Old Testament

• Introduction to the New Testament

• Pastoral Ministry

• Participate in Christian Ministry (Placement Unit)

• Team Leadership (Placement Unit)

Elective subjects:

• Evangelism Principles

• Biblical Interpretation

• Public Speaking

• Pentecostal Worldview

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