Praise God! Across Enjoy Church, our people are lifting their hands, voices and lives to give God praise and rightfully so.
Over recent years we’ve all been impacted and knocked around by world events. Through it all, we’ve continued to see the good will, blessing and favour of God upon our lives and our church.
As we look to 2023, while enjoying the greatest health we’ve ever experienced as a church, we want to introduce the theme ‘LEGACY’.
We’ve all been given life and are called to live that life to the full, and in faith for the glory of God. The way we live today is sowing towards our legacy of tomorrow. We can live our lives in the here and now, where we’re only storing up for ourselves treasures here on earth, or we can live in such a way that we’re storing up for ourselves treasures in heaven as well.
Our encouragement to you all, is that you would consider today how you might lay up for yourselves both a legacy here on earth, while at the same time, an eternal legacy that shouts through the corridors of heaven.
As you, maybe your family and even your business, consider what your part in this year’s Vision Offering will be, our prayer for you is simply that as you seek Him, you will find Him.
By the grace of God, we’re so enjoying this season that we find ourselves in. Whenever we’re together, we see hands, voices and lives being lifted as an offering before God. We have no doubt that this year’s Vision Offering will once again be sacrificial in nature and one that builds a legacy for the ages.
Love & Blessings,
Shane & Georgie Baxter
Senior Pastors – Enjoy Church

Bendigo Building Project

Enjoy Church Bendigo launched in 2012 and since that time has met in nine different venues, including universities, performing art centres and a former fire station.
In a few short months, this location will move into their new home at 29 Valentine Street, Ironbark. This property was home to Life Centre Bendigo, who have gifted this property to Enjoy Church as they become part of our family.
This building was built prior to 1878 and has a rich history in the City of Bendigo. The former fuse factory is of historical and architectural importance in Victoria. It has also housed a textile manufacturer as well as becoming a place of worship in the 1970’s.
In the past few weeks, teams of volunteers from both Enjoy Church and Life Centre have contributed thousands of man-hours to renovate this property, so its function and aesthetic is aligned and in keeping with an Enjoy Church location. The works will include an auditorium reconfiguration, demolition of walls to create more open spaces and other visual work that honours the beauty of this property.
Whilst the history of this property is rich, we are believing for richness in the legacy we are writing through the lives that are changed because of what takes place within the four walls of this building and in the community it is planted in.

Commitment Sunday – 06 November

Vision Offering 2022