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Vision Offering

Your Kingdom Come, Your Will Be Done

Hey Enjoyers,

Thank you for taking the time to read about this year’s “Vision Offering” and the Vision that’s before us.  As we look across the calendar into 2017, my hope is that you catch a little of the excitement and expectation that’s in the hearts of the Pastors and Leadership of Enjoy Church.

In every generation there are those that God calls for His purpose and His glory.  Men and women who carry in their hearts a revelation of Christ and His kingdom which causes them to live very different to the majority.  While these people are a minority on the earth, they are the very pillars of the Church upon which the Kingdom of God advances.

Our prayer for all of you is that, as you read the Vision that is so strongly in our hearts, it would begin to fill your heart also, and the Vision that’s before the leadership would become the Vision of the congregation, so that, together, we might commit to a sacrifice that brings glory to God and advancement to His kingdom.

I honestly believe that all of us who call Enjoy Church home have been blessed by this incredible church family.  Now, as we look to 2017, may we commit to bringing a sacrificial gift into the House that resources the Vision for the next chapter of church life and growth.

It’s important, when we’re praying about what we will do, that we don’t just commit to an amount that seems ‘about right’.  Instead, through prayer and seeking God’s face, let us pledge an amount that activates faith, in the knowledge that through our faith God’s Kingdom will continue to advance, bringing life and transformation into the hearts of men.

May you be blessed church!  Together we’ve seen the goodness of God and I pray that as we continue to serve Him together, you would see His glory in, on and through every arena of your lives.

Much Love,

Shane & Georgie

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