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True Religion

“Pure and lasting religion in the sight of God our Father means that we must care for orphans and widows in their troubles, and refuse to let the world corrupt us.” – James 1:27

We are excited to launch our annual initiative True Religion which we would invite you again to make a special part of your Christmas.

True religion is not defined by religious practice or activity but by the outworking of our faith in God that is seen by our genuine love and care for others, and in particular those that are vulnerable.

Enjoyers, as we begin planning our Christmas festivities lets also consider who the vulnerable might be amongst us and as we launch True Religion.


As we consider who the vulnerable might be locally, lets also secondly consider who these might be beyond our borders, such as in the nation of Cambodia where we have a number of established partnerships.

One of these established partnerships is with ACCI and their Cambodia Rural Empowerment Project.  This project aims to empower and equip rural communities in Cambodia, enabling them to improve their quality of life and to self-determine and direct their own development.

It has been incredible to see first hand the effects of this empowerment, as individuals come to understand that they can be the active agents of change in their own community.

From today right up until Christmas Day you will have the opportunity to partner financially with Cambodian communities by purchasing components of development that have come out of their own community development planning… for example;

Together we can make Christmas special for those in Cambodia. Thank you for your continued generosity in seeing lives transformed and communities restored.