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Kidmania is our Children’s Ministry.

The heart and purpose of our team is to help your children become all that God created them to be. We do this by providing music, games and great, bible-based teaching in an atmosphere of life, fun, love, creativity and safety. We are passionate to see your children flourish.

We have various age-specific programs to cater for children as young as one year old, and up to those in Grade 6 at school. Every Kidmania team member has undergone all legal checks required to ensure our programs are safe for your children.

Children’s Resource

Younger Kids Resource – Adventure Books

It Is Finished - Bible App Adventure Video Resource (March)March - Week 2March - Week 3A Happy Sunday - Bible App Adventure Video Resource (April)April - Week 1April - Week 2April - Week 3April - Week 4Abraham’s Big Test - Bible App Adventure Video Resource (May)May - Week 1May - Week 2May - Week 3May - Week 4May - Week 5

Older Kids Resource

Week 1 – 22.03.20 – WHY ARE YOU AFRAID?Week 2 – 29.03.20 – FAITH, COURAGE & INTEGRITYWeek 3 – 05.04.20 – A KING’S FATH VS WORRY

Kidmania Praise Party Playlist