Shane and Georgie Baxter are the Senior Pastors of Enjoy Church.

The Enjoy Church journey began on 27 September 1998 when Shane and Georgie became the new Pastors of Keilor AOG.

As the church consistently grew, they found God lifting their vision from the local suburb to the greater western area. To reflect this, they changed the church’s name from Keilor AOG to Brimbank Christian Church.

After moving the location of their Sunday services several times, God placed a desire in their hearts for a permanent building. It was then that God connected them with a local businessman who was building a church building "for the glory of God." From August 2001 this became the West Campus' current building - a phenomenal provision from God!

God continued to enlarge Ps Shane and Georgie's vision and began to have a heart for not only for the western suburbs, but also the wider state of Victoria.

In 2006, Brimbank Christian Church became known as Enjoy Church. Founded upon Ecclesiastes 8:15, "so I commend the enjoyment of life!" this became woven into the very fabric of the church.

A monumental moment occurred in November 2009 when Ps Shane bought forth the vision of "5 in 5: 5 campuses, 5 locations, in 5 years. 2010 to 2015." By the grace and favour of God, the fifth campus was planted only 3 years later in November 2012.

Enjoy Church now has three city campuses - West Campus based in Sunshine, East Campus based in Mulgrave, North Campus based in Epping and; five regional campuses - Gippsland Campus based in Morwell, Bendigo Campus, Ballarat East Campus, Ballarat West Campus, and Wangaratta Campus.

We are reaching our city, state and world. For this, we give God all the glory and honour and look forward to taking more ground for God's Kingdom. Now, we are more excited than we’ve ever been! The opportunities and challenges before us on every front are exciting, but with the help of our God, we believe we’ll achieve everything that He has placed in our hearts.

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Our Vision

Every Church needs to have a Vision and the vision of Enjoy Church is simple:

“To be a large, strategic, Christian church full of life and hope.”


Not small, but roomy and spacious and taking up room. Numerically, what does this mean? I believe it will continually change as we move forward. But one thing it won’t mean, is shrinking or going backwards.


Vital and significant in God’s plan being outworked on the Earth. There is a sense of activity connected with this word. Also of purposeful planning.


Disciples and followers of Christ. This should be obvious in all we do, say and are, both as a Church and as individuals.


This is what we are. We are not a club (joined to get some benefits), a university (a place we go to learn knowledge) or a place of entertainment (a place to fill our time). We are the living breathing Body (1 Cor 12:27), Bride (Rev 19:7), Army (2 Tim 2:3) and CHURCH (Matt 16:18) of the Living God.


The aim of all we do is that we would be FULL of life and hope. Not half-full or having just a faint ‘taste’ of it, but complete and full to overflowing with all that God has to offer!


Christ took on death so that we might have LIFE, and we are here to live it out with purpose. Never let it be said that we have just a façade, or appearance, of life, but carry none of its power. Instead, let us be ‘alive and dangerous’ to the enemy so that we can bring life to a dying world.


This is part of the plan of God for all of us – that we would have ‘hope and a future’ (Jer 29:11). Our vision is that our church, and all those who are part of it, would not only enjoy hope themselves, but would be HOPE to a lost and hurting world, just as Jesus is to us.

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Our Mission

The Mission statement reveals the basic strategy of this Vision being outworked:

“Through evangelism and discipleship, to lead people closer to Jesus Christ, bringing about real spiritual change, benefiting the lives and families of our church, community and beyond.”


We do this through our regular weekend services and other meetings. As well as these we have our special Sunday services such as Christmas Family Service, Easter Family Service, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We also have fortnightly Street Evangelism on Saturday mornings.

The other way this is outworked is through the structure of our church calendar. Most meetings, with the exception of weekend services and Youth, are run fortnightly. This is purposefully done to enable our people time to connect and relate to their unchurched workmates, schoolmates, neighbours, family and friends.


To this end we run our Ignite Nights for New Christians, Planted, Empire (Youth), Covenant Keepers (Men's Ministry) and Bloom (Women's Ministry) meetings. Added to this are the Life Key Courses we have available to those both within the church and the wider community.

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The Church That I See

I see a Church full of life and hope. A Church filled with people from all nations, touching all nations.

I see many salvations every week, people being healed and made whole.

I see the Kingdom of God advancing through our Church, changing our city, impacting our nation.

I see huge finance being released to resource whatever God puts in our hearts.

I see a huge auditorium that’s filled over and over.

I see a platform that hosts and releases the greatest speakers on the planet.

I see the Church growing every week.

I see new congregations being planted in strength, and the Church continuing to grow.

I see Church departments growing and expanding and being the leading edge both in church and community life.

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There is nothing that God wouldn’t give to ensure strength of relationship with His people, and that’s how He wants His house to be – founded and built upon relationships.


One of the things that made David a stand out man and leader was his integrity of heart (Ps 78:72). We can have the best music, preaching, building and ministries, but integrity of heart is what is crucial to God.


Nothing worthwhile in life is built without commitment. Enthusiasm is great but if it is not followed through with consistency, then ultimately it is just wind and noise. But we value the substance of commitment.


If we don’t have life then we have to wonder if God is in the place. And as individuals, if we don’t have life we have to ask the same question. Although we appreciate the power of a healthy, godly habit, may nothing we do just stem out of ritual and religion.


To please God we must be people of faith. Not just faith in anything and everything, but faith in God and His word. Our words must reveal it and our lives need to back it up. As a church this is one of our core values that is seen in every arena of church life.


Daniel distinguished himself in the land because of his excellent spirit. God has graciously given us the most excellent Spirit of all – His Holy Spirit. Therefore, in giving God our best, we should in all things be excellent.


The Word of God warns us that without it we wander aimlessly and ultimately perish. As a Church we understand the vitality and power that accompanies Godly vision. Vision is the personal word of God to a believer or company of believers to lead, guide and direct them into God’s plan for their future.

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