School of Ministry

Designed to develop, equip, and release people into their personal, ministry and leadership potential.


The Enjoy Church Internship program is designed to develop, equip, and release people into their personal, ministry and leadership potential. For those wanting to strengthen their faith and grow deeper through intentional discipleship, Enjoy Church seeks to raise and release large, strategic Christian leaders, who are full of life and hope.

Enjoy Church College

Enjoy Church is one of over 100 churches who are hosting courses through Alphacrucis College. Offering a fully accredited Certificate IV in Ministry and Discipleship with solid biblical and theological foundations, this will complement the leadership development pathways at Enjoy Church.


The 2-year course includes two units requiring practical ministry experience allowing students to serve and reflect on ministry areas within Enjoy Church.


Course Subjects:

God’s Story: The Bible | Applying the Bible | Discipleship 1 & 2 | Personal Leadership | Team Players & Teamwork | Leading Teams | Introduction to Pastoral Care


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Enjoy School of Discipleship

Enjoy Church is committed to providing a pathway to ministry. This is done through the Enjoy School of Discipleship and Enjoy School of Leadership.


Over its 25 years as a church, it has grown from one location in Victoria, Australia, to many locations, and from one nation to several nations.

This journey has created awareness of the growing need to disciple and develop leaders who carry the Enjoy culture, ethos and values. A clear understanding of who Enjoy Church is, why they do what they do and how to carry this revelation of Church and Kingdom is important for these leaders so that people who don’t know God can encounter Him.


The first step in Kingdom discipleship and training at Enjoy Church is the Enjoy School of Discipleship. It is a 15 week in-depth biblical study compiled by Georgie Baxter, Senior Pastor.


The Enjoy School of Discipleship is a lecture-style course where individuals can grow in their understanding of the Bible and biblical theology. The topics covered are important to Enjoy Church doctrinally, focusing on personal journey rather than theological position.

Enjoy School of Leadership

Enjoy School of Leadership (ESOL) is the next step in your leadership pathway at Enjoy Church. Compiled by Ps Shane Baxter and other senior leaders of Enjoy Church, ESOL is an in-depth Bible study that runs for 13 sessions. We aim to equip you in your understanding of leadership and its Kingdom principles.