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School of Discipleship 2020

School of Discipleship 2020

Enjoy Church is committed to providing a pathway to ministry through Enjoy School of Discipleship (ESOD) and Enjoy School of Leadership (ESOL).

Over our 20 year journey as a church, we have grown from being one location to 14 locations, across the nations of Australia, Japan and the USA. This growing journey has made us aware of the need to disciple and develop leaders who carry the culture, ethos and values of Enjoy Church. The need to grow leaders who carry an understanding of who we are, why we do what we do and how to carry this revelation of Church and Kingdom; that people who don’t know God would encounter Him

ESOD is the first step on Enjoy Church’s Leadership Pathway. It is a 15-week in-depth biblical study compiled by our Senior Pastor, Georgie Baxter. Each session goes for 1-hour and includes a 10-minute practical section.

This course will run online - participants will be contacted with relevant links.


Each Tuesday Night at 7:30pm to 8:30pm
Start: 8 September to 15 December 2020

Adult - $20 per registration
Students - $10 per registration

Registration also includes workbook.


Session 1: Grace
Session 2: The Atoning Work of Christ
Session 3: Repentance 
Session 4: Faith 
Session 5: Baptism in The Holy Spirit & The Four Gospels 
Session 6: Evangelism 
Session 7: Spiritual Gifts (Part 1)
Session 8: Spiritual Gifts (Part 2)
Session 9: Spiritual Gifts (Part 3)
Session 10: Spiritual Gifts (Part 4)
Session 11: Spiritual Gifts (Part 5)
Session 12: Spiritual Gifts (Part 6)
Session 13: Christian Maturity (Part 1)
Session 14: Christian Maturity (Part 2)
Session 15: Christian Maturity (Part 3)


Melbourne City
489 Elizabeth St, Melbourne, VIC, Australia


8th Sep - 15th Dec 2020