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Ps Nicole Crank

Ps Nicole Crank

Nicole Crank is a dynamic inspirational speaker, author of ‘Hi God (It’s Me Again)’ and senior co-pastor of Faith Church with multiple campuses in Saint Louis, MO and West Palm Beach, FL.

Faith Church has been recognized as Outreach Magazine’s 58th biggest church in America and the 31st fastest growing church in 2014. It is now ranked one of the top 10 most influential churches in America by Newsmax Magazine.

She is a frequent guest on Christian television, and is seen weekly on local television networks in West Palm and Saint Louis, along with her husband, David.

Through her powerful and practical speaking, Nicole has helped thousands of people overcome their obstacles and live the life that was created for them since before the beginning of time. SHe is allowing God to turn what should have been her tombstone into her stepping stone.