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Covenant Conference 2018

Covenant Conference 2018

Hey Brothers,

We’re so excited about this year’s Men’s Conference, one jammed packed day of God, Messages & Man Stuff!

The combination of speakers for this year is amazing and knowing their link to our theme, we just know it’s going to go off.

Pastor Jurgen Matthesius is a well know C3 Pastor who has gone from church planting (C3 SanDiego) to leading the movement he’s a part of in Northern America. Pastor Mark Varughese is the Senior Pastor of Kingdomcity and has God’s hand of favour on him as he plants churches all around the world. Both these Men have been BRANDED by the Spirit for the purposes of God, and I have no doubt that if you will attend Covenant Conference this year you’ll be BRANDED by God for His purposes before you leave.

Register today and know your place at conference is guaranteed, really hope to see you there.