community projects 


If we (the Church) are a true representation of Christ then we ought to be leading and showing our community the ‘ Love of Christ’. One of the ways to make this visible is through community projects.

In 2007 we at Enjoy Church undertook a renovation of an integration room at Kealba secondary college. The room was used by 20 integration kids who attended the school. The existing room was very dull and run down, mainly due to the lack of funds at the school.

The project was initiated by Ps Shane Baxter and some of our church staff. The blessings were enjoyed by all, including: the school’s staff, company sponsors, and all of the wonderful volunteers from our church, and of course the children who finally got to enjoy the room.

One of these awesome kids wrote us a letter. Her name is Michelle and she says, “ This is our Special Room. It is a room where we can come and feel safe and be with other kids. It is a lot of fun to be in here. The room has been painted in bright colours pink, green, white, and orange. I feel good when I come in here”